Scapin Collezioni is an Italian brand representing a new vision of contemporary design.



design by Marcantonio


design by Matteo Zorzenoni

Limited Editions


Milan Design Week 2021

Milan Design Week 2021

Taking inspiration, respectively, from the New Atomic Age and the Nazca Booby world, Product Designers and Artists Elena Salmistraro and Matteo Cibic are promised to land into the universe of Scapin Collezioni.Come and discover our installation at Palazzo Litta from...

New marble finishings by Scapin Collezioni

New marble finishings by Scapin Collezioni

Scapin Collezioni, known for its  avangarde reasearch in new trends, adds to its collections real sophistication by introducing marble finishings with a unique eccletic touch. From the vibrant Rosso Levanto, to the...